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      Tissue Salt Background information

      There are twelve individual Dr Schussler’s Biochemic Tissue Salts available.  They are made from combinations of minerals which have been potentiated, in a similar manner to homeopathic remedies, ie multiple dilutions.  This means that they provide very small amounts of minerals to directly nourish the body’s cells, but do not contain the quantities found in nutritional supplements.  Rather like the Bach Flower Remedies they work on an emotional level and help to balance and bring harmony to the mind and body.  All the minerals that make up the Tissue Salts exist in the body naturally, and each Tissue Salt is a balance of alkaline and acid.  The Tissue Salts work by treating deficiencies in the body with small amounts of lacking minerals. 



      The Tissue Salts are in the form of small, white, soft lactose tablets which act as carriers for the potentiated mineral salts.  The tablets are allowed to dissolve in the mouth (or added to warm water) and this carries the active minerals directly into the blood stream and to the cells, avoiding the digestive tract.

      Dr Schussler believed that disharmony in the body caused disease, and that all the systems in the body were linked together and could not be treated separately.  He therefore advocated that it was the entire person who was treated and not the disease.  The Tissue Salts can be used to build up and strengthen the body so that there is no opportunity for illness to take hold.

      Tissue Salts can be used to treat first aid conditions such as colds, ‘flu and inflammation, and long-term conditions such as eczema and asthma.  Each Tissue Salt targets different systems or parts of the body and works on the mind in an associated way.

      Click here for a list of all the Tissue Salts and a brief description of the emotional state of mind or personality trait associated with each.



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